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Monday, March 30, 2020 3:08 pm

Hospital nurse among Allen COVID-19 cases

Matthew LeBlanc | The Journal Gazette

A nurse at Lutheran Hospital is among 30 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Allen County.

Stacy Rodriguez tested positive for the new coronavirus last week, according to messages she posted to social media.

Amanda Browning, a nursing student and friend of Rodriguez's, confirmed the diagnosis today. Rodriguez, who is in her 30s, had been working in the hospital but is now being treated there, Browning said.

"I'm trying to look at the optimistic side of things," said Browning, who organized a fundraiser for her friend's medical costs and praised the medical staff at Lutheran. "(But) it's scary. It's rough."

Rodriguez said in a Facebook post Thursday she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and influenza after having a headache and a "scratchy throat" days before. Symptoms worsened to include a low-grade fever, a cough and "chest heaviness," she wrote.

She was tested early last week and told to quarantine for 14 days, but went to the ER Thursday and has been hospitalized since.

"As the days go by, the hospitalist continues to assess me and says she thinks my lungs are sounding worse each day," a message posted today to Facebook says. "She says I look pale and my temperature still fevers up intermittently. I am so short of breath just repositioning myself in the bed. I never even turned on my TV to this day because I only focus on breathing."

As of 11 a.m., there were 30 confirmed cases of the virus in Allen County and 1,786 across Indiana, local and state health departments reported. One person has died from the virus in Allen County, and 35 deaths were reported statewide.

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