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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 4:10 pm

Rankings site finds abortion, gender equality most likely to spur debate at holiday gatherings

BRIAN FRANCISCO | The Journal Gazette

The website Ranker has identified hot-button topics that families should avoid at their Thanksgiving dinners.

These are issues "that are most likely to cause disagreement," the crowdsourced rankings site said in its guide to Thanksgiving conversations. And Ranker breaks them down by age group.

Baby boomers – ages 58 and older – are rabid about terrorism, immigration and moral decline. Members of Generation X – ages 38 to 58 – are opinionated about homelessness, affordable housing and campaign finance reform. Millennials and zoomers – ages 18 to 38 – care most about abortion, police brutality and pollution.

Los Angeles-based Ranker found that abortion, immigration/terrorism and gender equality are the topics most likely to spark arguments among all age groups. Findings are based on 300,000 votes from 40,000 visitors to the website.

Ranker says Indiana is the state with the strongest feelings about gender equality. Hoosiers are 20 times more likely than residents of other states to think that gender equality "matters a lot."

Topics identified as safest for discussion at dinner tables are ineffective government, health care reform and education. 

The Ranker guide came out Tuesday, when thousands of public school teachers were converging on the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis to advocate for pay increases and changes in standardized testing, teacher training requirements and a high school performance measure. Political Notebook is guessing education will be a lively discussion topic at many Hoosier family gatherings this Thanksgiving.





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