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Saturday, September 25, 2021 1:00 am


Lauren Honkomp and Patrick Morrow

Loretta Buffenbarger and Michael Cardelli

Kristin Beamon and Nicholas Nevins

Johnny Ray Cannon and Yulonda Davis

Caitlin Coulter and Cole KIeman

Moonga Mumba and Patience Amanda Ncube

Daniel Joseph Soper and Kayla Lynn Wasson

Courtney Paige Baker and Joshua Calep Leffel

Holly Hart and Willie Smith

Kimberly Renee Atkinson and Nicholas J. Meredith

Robert Blake Carrillo and Juliet Ataro

Allison Paige Foreman and Tyler Alan Wallace

Dawn Thompson and Joseph Jordan

Ethan Wayne Leininger and Jillian Sharon Roach

Jessica Gamble and Quavon Williams

Maria Lilliana Ramirez and Maria Garcia

Chad Michael Kuhlman and Amy Gale Minns

Christopher DeWayne Parker and Christina Joy Pumphrey

Olivia Carmella Conn and Samuel Joseph Horton

Jay-Ann Rimando Malaluan and June Miranda Marquez

Gail Reed and Alexander James New

Erickson Keith Fisher and Amanda Lynn Gerig

Dorian Fanning and Austin Shoemaker

Ronald Starks and Lorraine Garcia

Earl Tarell Carter and Tenitra Renee Bailey

Danielle Marie Crabtree and Manuel Talamantes

Charles Parkin Cummings and Madison Elizabeth Lyon

Jon Adam Stetler and Devin Angelique Dianne Daniels

Codey Wayne Hardin and Samantha Leagh Swyers

Ashley Rose Fenker and Ronald Dean Jeffrey Jr.

Kasey Fenstermaker and Dillon Steenport

Luke Michael Bodine and Karlee Michele Mawhorter

Troy Eugene Ervin and Ashleigh Nicole Hibler

Sydney K. Salway and Casey Stiffler

Gregory Allen Tackwell and Jones Da Silva Ferreira

Mason Kolberg and Jonathan Tristan Snyder

Taylor Marie Marlow and Andrew John Snyder

Natalie Elizabeth Chivers and Corey David Strole

Tonya Hayden and Roy Harvey Vierck

Kylee Nicole Armey and Tyler James McKenzie

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