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Tuesday, July 28, 2020 1:00 am

Divorce Filings

Allen Circuit Court

Lawson – Jessica and Zachary Danko

McMinn – Jennifer J. and Christopher R.

Heinkel – Brian K. and Samantha Marie

Mick – Angela L. and Dennis T.

Hogle – Jamie and Joshua

Morton – Skakeira Tamera and Joseph Lavern

Doctor – Janie M. and Robert J.

Donovan – Neil Dalton and Jennifer Ann Marshall Donovan

Whitmore – Lawrence and Bethann

Geideman – Kathryn and Edward

Roser – Phillip and Laurie Annette

Sweger – Annemarie and Matthew W.

Weakley – Jomeisha and Tison

Johnson – Irma and Sean Michael

Hernandez – Alfredo Quintana and Sonia Beatriz Jolon Esquite

Fowler – Lisa M. and Justin

Ross – Lakisha Torquoise and Crishan

Wallace – Tchalla and Lori

Paschall – Tia and Daniel

Mankey – Dennis L. and Lynette S.

Allen Superior Court

Rodewald – Erica and Joseph

Vandall – Melissa Stahl and Nathon

Spencer – Karenah May and Steven Lee

Kimbrell – Aaron and Jordan

Tucker – Daniel Evan and Hannah M. Crockett

Kahn – Laura A. and George Michael Brett

Almanza – Maria Carmen and Jesus C.

Reith – Annette M. and Nicholas F.

Byler – Cindi A. and Kenton T.

Rowe – Michael Darrell and Dietra Jasmine

Redd – Sylvia and Matthew S.

Keele – Karen Elaine and David Allen

Carter – Jackie D. and Ebony N.

Wagner – Charity and Terry Williams

Quach – Tran T. and Thanh M. Tran

Divorce filings, which include divorce and legal separations, are provided by the Allen County clerk's office. For questions about published listings, not the actual filing, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email

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