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Saturday, September 29, 2018 1:00 am

American Cleaning Institute gives tips for better laundry

Washington Post

Brian Sansoni, a vice president at the American Cleaning Institute, participated in the Washington Post's Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt.

Q: What's the best way to wash jeans?

A: Jeans can typically be worn three times – maybe more – before washing them.

Q: Do you have advice on getting rid of pit stains?

A: You're not alone in facing sweat or deodorant-related stains. We recommend a pre-wash stain remover or rubbing with bar soap. If perspiration has changed the color of the fabric, apply ammonia to fresh stains or white vinegar to old stains; rinse. Launder using hottest water safe for fabric.

Q: Any tips on washing with well water? We have a water softener but it still seems like clothes are rough and the cycle doesn't eliminate all the soap in the wash.

A: Make sure you are not adding too much detergent. And consider adding the detergent first and let the water level fill completely before adding your clothes. This will help the detergent dissolve more completely. Also, think about using dryer sheets to help soften the clothes.

Q: My kids are stain factories. Food, candy, ink, grass, mud and the list goes on. Is there a silver bullet for overall stain removal, like bleach? Or does it depend on the type of stain?

A: Stains can be tricky to remove and there are different solutions for different types of stains. There are all sorts of stains, so I'll point you to the American Cleaning Institute's stain removal chart online ( _chart.aspx).