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Tuesday, August 31, 2021 1:00 am

Box seen in photo without face mask

NIKI KELLY | The Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS – State Health Commissioner Dr. Kris Box defended not wearing a face mask in a photo that surfaced Monday online from a recent family wedding.

The move came after Box just last week again encouraged vaccinations and mask-wearing to help mitigate COVID-19.

The picture was posted on Twitter by Indianapolis radio host Rob Kendall and shows Box wearing a formal dress and chatting without a mask. Others in the photo also aren't wearing masks.

Box released a statement to The Journal Gazette about the wedding.

“I made an informed decision to take off my mask while dancing or talking with fully vaccinated guests,” she said. “This was a private event in which all but five guests present were fully vaccinated. Those five individuals included children for whom the vaccine is not yet approved and people with medical conditions whose private physicians have recommended they not receive the vaccine at this time.”

Box also noted “CDC guidance calls for individuals to wear masks in indoor public settings in areas of high or sustained transmission, because those are areas in which you do not know the vaccination status of the individuals who are gathered.”

The comments on the post accused Box of being a hypocrite.

“Maybe she wasn't clear in her press conferences. What I think she means, is that YOU and I have to wear masks so SHE can do whatever the heck she wants,” one Twitter post said.

Others said “rules for thee but not for me.”

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