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Monday, April 15, 2019 4:50 pm

Indiana University to recreate ancient, huge sloth skeleton

Associated Press

BLOOMINGTON -- Indiana University is building a replica of a giant ground sloth's skeleton that was once a star attraction in its natural history collection but was removed to make room for students during an enrollment surge following World War II.

The Herald Times reported that Indiana Geological and Water Survey official Gary Motz calls the removal of the skeleton "a mixed tale of regret and loss."

Some bones from the sloth's 10 1/2-foot-tall skeleton that were tossed along with skeletons of a mastodon and a mammoth have been recovered.

This summer, the sloth's remaining bones will be recreated using 3-D printing and the missing ones will be cut from cardboard with a laser to reconstruct the skeleton for a traveling exhibition tied to IU's bicentennial year.