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Thursday, March 26, 2020 1:00 am

Murder charge filed in '02 teen's stabbing

JAMIE DUFFY | The Journal Gazette

Before the fatal stabbing at a Guthrie Street home nearly 18 years ago, there was an argument that escalated into fighting, kicking and hair pulling. 

Holly Boisvert, arrested Wednesday at her Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, apartment in the Aug. 15, 2002, stabbing death of 17-year-old Stacy DeGrandchamp, warned others that night that DeGrandchamp was “about to take an ass whipping,” court records said.

Boisvert, 33, is charged with murder.

Just before the fight occurred at the late-night backyard gathering, the 15-year-old Boisvert changed into “sweats” and “pulled her hair up,” one witness said in court documents.

After the stabbing, Boisvert washed her hands and put the knife on or by a car parked in front of the house, a witness said. However, none of the witnesses at the scene said they actually saw the knife, court documents said.

In 2002, when Detective Nolan Banks asked Boisvert if she had a knife that night, she denied it and told him DeGrandchamp probably was cut “when she landed on something when she got knocked into the recycling bin,” court records quoted her saying.

The autopsy performed the day after DeGrandchamp died at Parkview Hospital indicated she'd been stabbed twice, once in the left mid-chest and once in the right upper abdomen. The Allen County coroner ruled she died from the stab wound to the chest.

The homicide case went cold.

Nearly a year ago, Detectives Brian Martin and Andy Noll traveled to Boisvert's home in Fond du Lac. During an interview, she concurred with details of that night, including changing into sweatpants before going outside, getting into a physical fight with DeGrandchamp and bringing a knife with her, court records said.

Martin said police began investigating the case again after the family contacted investigators, who found witnesses were still around and willing to cooperate.

During that interview, she voluntarily gave up the knife, court records said. Martin said Wednesday he would not be able to describe the knife because the case remains under investigation.

In early May, Martin took a photo of the knife and its measurements along with the original crime scene photos, autopsy photos and the autopsy report to Dr. Scott Wagner, Allen County chief pathologist. Wagner found that the knife “was consistent with the type of weapon that could have inflicted DeGrandchamp's wounds.”

In December, on behalf of the Fort Wayne Police Department, Boisvert was visited by a Fond du Lac police detective who reported that Boisvert was in tears.

“I think I killed my best friend and that's why you're here,” she told the detective. “If I had just walked away and not turned around to fight, Stacey DeGrandchamp would still be alive,” court documents said.

Martin and Ben MacDonald, both Fort Wayne homicide detectives, traveled to Fond Du Lac to assist in Boisvert's arrest. At first, she was argumentative, Martin said, but later complied without a struggle. She was being held at the Fond du Lac County Jail awaiting extradition to Allen County.

Last April, DeGrandchamp's family sought public help in solving the homicide in a video released by local activist group Justice Accountability Victim Advocacy. The family said  DeGrandchamp visited the Guthrie Street home to “see a boy,” but it was not a regular place for her to visit.

“It wasn't her crowd,” one relative told Amy Miller-Davis, the JAVA interviewer.

DeGrandchamp had been looking forward to her senior year at Wayne High School, her family said. 

She loved going to the lake, camping and playing volleyball, the family said. She was planning to attend Ball State University and study computer technology.

This story has been corrected.

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