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Saturday, June 15, 2019 12:40 pm

Census says more than 60% of US men are fathers

MIKE SCHNEIDER | Associated Press


Just in time for Father's Day, the U.S. Census Bureau has released a report showing more than 60% of the 121 million men in the U.S. are fathers.

Data in the report released this week comes from 2014, when the bureau for the first time asked both men and women about their fertility histories.

The report says less than three-quarters of fathers are married. Almost 13% of dads are divorced and 8% have never been married.

The report shows just less than a quarter of U.S. men between ages 40 and 50 are childless, and about 17% have never been married by middle age.

Men with children are more educated than those without kids.

The report says about 12% of fathers hold graduate degrees but only about 7.5% of childless men do.