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Monday, April 06, 2020 1:00 am


3 Indian soldiers, 9 rebels left dead

Associated Press

SRINAGAR, India – Nine rebels and three Indian soldiers were killed in a pair of gunbattles in disputed Kashmir, an Indian army official said Sunday.

Indian soldiers killed five suspected militants along the highly militarized de facto front line in Keran sector Sunday as an armed group of militants infiltrated from the Pakistani side of Kashmir into the Indian-controlled part, said Col. Rajesh Kalia, an Indian army spokesman.

Kalia said three soldiers were also killed. He did not specify the number of injured, saying only that some others who were injured were undergoing treatment.

There was no independent confirmation of the incident.

Forest fires rage near Chernobyl

Ukrainian firefighters labored into Sunday night trying to put out two forest blazes in the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power station, which was evacuated because of radioactive contamination after the 1986 explosion at the plant.

Yehor Firsov, head of the state ecological inspection service, said radiation levels at the fire were substantially higher than normal. But the service said radiation levels in the capital of Kyiv, about 60 miles south, were within norms.

The fires were within the 1,000-square-mile Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which is largely unpopulated.

Chinese rights lawyer released

Wang Quanzhang, a well-known Chinese rights lawyer, was released from prison Sunday after being held more than four years, his wife said.

It was unclear whether he would be allowed to return to Beijing, where he practiced and lived with his wife and young son. Police took him to his house in his hometown of Jinan in eastern China, his wife said in a tweet.

Rights groups outside mainland China said that Chinese police have put other released lawyers under house arrest to isolate them from their network. Wang was among more than 200 lawyers and legal activists swept up in 2015 in what became known as the 709 Crackdown for the date, July 9, when most of them were detained.

Mass grave found in Rwanda

A valley dam that authorities in Rwanda say could contain about 30,000 bodies has been discovered more than a quarter-century after the country's genocide in which 800,000 ethnic Tutsi and Hutus who tried to protect them were killed.

Fifty bodies have been exhumed so far in efforts that are challenged by the East African nation's coronavirus-related lockdown.

Rwanda on Tuesday marks the 26th anniversary of the genocide, but because of the lockdown the country will follow events on television and social media.

Word of the valley dam and the bodies it held emerged as many people convicted in the genocide are being released from prison after serving their sentences and offering new information on mass graves.

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