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Saturday, October 24, 2020 1:00 am

Furthermore ...

We think that you shall never see ...

Maybe it's political frustration. Maybe it's pandemic fatigue. Whatever the reason, our readers were eager to weigh in on a new topic when we asked for views on favorite area trees.

A brilliant orange maple on Lake Avenue, photographed by former Journal Gazette staffer Sam Minick, was the source of inspiration for Julie Creek's essay last week. You can read Craig Patterson's thoughts on the tree in the letters to the editor column today. 

Rebecca Shearer wrote to say the Lakeside Park maple is her favorite, too. “There is even a plaque in front of the tree with my name on it from my family because of my love for this tree!” she writes.

Linda Kirby shared a painting of the Lakeside Park tree done by husband Jerry Hertenstein, a local plein air artist. It's one of their fall favorites, as well.

Marilyn W. shared a photo of her pick for the city's most beautiful: a massive tree on Kimberly Drive in Wayne-dale. Another reader pointed to a planting of beautiful trees in Foster Park.

Chuck Chapman, another former Journal Gazette staffer, offers up a lovely tree on Hiawatha Boulevard, in his Indian Village neighborhood.

Cool temperatures, rain and wind are quickly stripping trees of their fall beauty. Don't wait any longer to check out these beauties.

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