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Wednesday, October 09, 2019 1:00 am

New library books

The following works of nonfiction are new at the main Allen County Public Library downtown.

“How to Treat People: A Nurse's Notes” by Molly Case

Told through the experiences of a young nurse, an engaging memoir describes the teen surgery that inspired her career and the intricate experiences of patients being tended by strangers.

“Gender and Our Brains: How New Neuroscience Explodes the Myths of the Male and Female Minds” by Gina Rippon

A leading cognitive neuroscience researcher challenges the myth that there is a biological distinction between male and female brains, offering scientific proof that brains are adaptable mosaics comprising both male and female components.

“Imagined Life : A Speculative Scientific Journey among the Exoplanets in Search of Intelligent Aliens, Ice Creatures, and Supergravity Animals” by James Trefil,Michael Summers

Drawing on current scientific knowledge of existing worlds and forms of life, a planetary scientist discusses the possibilities of extraterrestrial life on exoplanets, revealing that the realities of our universe could turn out to be stranger than fiction.

“Do Dice Play God?: The Mathematics of Uncertainty” by Ian Stewart

An award-winning mathematician shows how, over history, mathematics has given us some of the tools we need to better manage the uncertainty that pervades our lives.

“Chasing My Cure: A Doctor's Race to Turn Hope into Action; A Memoir” by David Fajgenbaum

An award-winning doctor and former college athlete recounts his battle with a rare health disorder that compelled his work with world-class scientists to find a cure, describing how he became a driven advocate for patients with under researched diseases.

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