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Saturday, January 13, 2018 1:00 am

Furthermore ...

New name selection dogs Purdue

When Purdue University announced last year it was acquiring Kaplan University, there was angst among faculty members and others who worried the online education provider's reputation would tarnish that of the respected research university. A new name was inevitable.

Purdue's Board of Trustees announced the new name Thursday: Purdue University Global. 

Not surprisingly, social media users were quick to jump on the obvious school mascot.

“New mascot needed?” posted a commenter on the Purdue Facebook page, along with a photo of a sunglass-wearing pug dog. 

“Purdue University Global. PUG. I have a suggestion for their new mascot!” posted a Twitter user, with a photo of an adorable pug peeking over a wall.

Another Twitter user posted “If this isn't the mascot, I want Mitch fired,” with a reference to Purdue President Mitch Daniels and a photo of a pug dressed in a pink unicorn costume.

The online school, of course, won't have athletic teams and likely won't need a mascot.

If it does, however, we want to be there for the first meeting of Purdue's pug and Butler's bulldog, Blue III.