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Saturday, January 22, 2022 1:00 am

A corny nickname

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In the annals of major American sports, franchise names are sacrosanct. Yankees. Lakers. Packers. Bruins. Cubs. Colts.

Newer franchises might adopt fashionable color schemes, but they adhere to handles that tend to be strong rather than idiosyncratic. Carolina Panthers. Oklahoma City Thunder. Seattle Kraken.

However, when it comes to the minor leagues, particularly baseball, names are a menagerie of regionality, quirkiness and marketing chutzpah. Sometimes it works – TinCaps. It's got history, it's got pizazz, it's got an apple.

And then there's the latest addition to the pre-professional baseball Northern League – the Lake County Corn Dogs.


Based in Crown Point (Could've been the Kings! It writes itself!), the Corn Dogs was “chosen by the public after a naming competition late last year,” according to a news release circulated last week.

We're all for building community through participatory events. But sometimes things go sideways, like, maybe, naming a team the Corn Dogs.

But fret not Crown Point. Welcome to the club.

In 2016, declared TinCaps the 12th weirdest team name in minor league baseball. Year after year, we're named either at or near the top of minor league baseball experiences.

The same article ranked Montgomery, Alabama's Double-A “Biscuits” as the third weirdest team name. Who doesn't love a biscuit?

Enjoy your Corn Dogs, Crown Point. We wish you well watching baseball during the (corn) dog days of summer. 

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