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Friday, January 12, 2018 1:00 am


Banana bread odyssey nearly spanned nation 

With seven grandchildren living outside of Fort Wayne, we are major supporters of the postal service. In the past, the wonderful workers at the Waynedale Post Office would instinctively know it was either banana bread or cookies being shipped most times. At its best, the bread gets from Fort Wayne to Oradell, New Jersey in three days (but usually four). Our packages always seem to go first to Indianapolis. Fort Wayne might have great trails and a appealing downtown, but apparently our city is not large enough to have its own postal processing/transfer station.

We salute the lone postal worker at the Northwood Post Office last Sunday. We question the wisdom of Post Office management that decided the extra four hours of postal service on a Sunday was to be manned by one worker. She deserves a raise for her kind demeanor. We salute the friendliness of the waiting people; most were patiently waiting for more than half an hour.

We always track our packages. The banana bread left Indianapolis and was sent to Tucson, Arizona. That is well over 1,700 miles in the wrong direction, as the package was going to the East Coast. After spending half a day in Arizona, the banana bread was sent on its way to New Jersey, at least 2,500 miles in the right direction. As I type this letter, it has yet to be delivered. One of our sons suggested  there should be a frequent flier mileage program for banana bread. These loaves logged more than 4,000 miles. We drive to New Jersey in 11 hours; it is a 600-mile trek.

What the loaves of banana bread look like at this point is anyone's guess.


Fort Wayne

Recommended reading

After reading recent opinions regarding Islam and Christianity (Ahmed Abdelmageed, John Gross and Bill Bruening), I feel compelled to recommend to adherents of either faith the following books: “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity” by Nabeel Qureshi; and “Christianity, Islam, and Atheism: The Struggle for the Soul of the West” by William Kilpatrick. The first is a personal account of revelation and rebirth, and the second is a comprehensive review of the war on Christianity by secularists, atheists and Islam. Kilpatrick also explains how Christians are complicit, albeit with the best of intentions, in the war on their own faith.

Kristin Sine


Vision lacking when it comes to safety

Mr. Mayor, where are you?

Oh, I know, you have your eyes set on the future. The projects – like the Landing and the Riverfront – are worthy projects, certainly. No doubt, revitalizing and improving downtown conditions is important to future business growth. Missing in all these efforts is discussion on what plans are ahead to stop all the murders, gang violence, and other crimes taking place and making daily headlines. Fort Wayne is not a small city anymore, and it is time, I believe, for a new plan which not only makes our city a nice place to visit, but also a safer place to live. Managing crime certainly has to be a top priority for Fort Wayne's future.

I just do not feel safe as I once did, and that is quite discomforting. Mr. Mayor, where are you?

What is the city's next step? How can we be more safe in the years that lie ahead? Please, make reduction of crime a top priority because regardless of how many nice places downtown has to offer, if the public cannot be safe going there, then that is a real problem. It's time to not only beautify Fort Wayne, but protect it as well.

Linwood Shull

Fort Wayne