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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 1:00 am


Gun bill invites chaos

Senate Bill 33 is a bad response to the church shooting in Texas.

It would allow Hoosiers to carry guns in schools, including preschools, and churches, despite the wishes of the religious organization.

This is irresponsible and disheartening. Our representatives expound about the need for religious freedom, then write a bill that limits it. This bill ignores studies showing more guns equal more opportunity for unintended injury and death.

Our representatives recently listened to sound arguments against permitless carry. That encourages me that they will listen again and stop the madness that SB 33 would ensure. Please contact your lawmakers and let them know you do not support this.

We have enough to worry about. We should not have to worry about a child getting access to a gun where they learn and play or guns where our families worship.

Marla Wolf


Donnelly sets example few in DC follow

America has always operated at its best when elected officials from both political parties work together on issues, a sentiment no one could possibly disagree with. Sadly, the bipartisan America where compromise and “across-the-aisle” work was normal is nearly gone. The political climate of the day is one in which political discourse has taken a turn for the worse; Americans with differing opinions are having a hard time engaging in true and constructive discourse, usually resorting to rhetorical or ad hominem statements. Although this sounds bleak, the future of politics can be a bright one in which every American, regardless of opinion or position, can partake in constructive conversation.

It is impossible to pinpoint when the American political system fundamentally changed, but the current and previous administrations in Washington, D.C., definitely share the blame. Former President Barack Obama was a champion of many large and intrusive government programs, such as the Affordable Care Act, that were railroaded through Congress in a partisan fashion, angering many Republicans and even moderate Democrats. With the current administration, particularly with President Donald Trump, there seems to be the same “my way or the highway” attitude that has ruined the political climate. On DACA, for example, Trump invited a bipartisan group with members of Congress to the White House to discuss immigration and “Dreamers.” Not even a week after that meeting, Trump took to Twitter, another disastrous thing he  does, to bash Democrats and the deal, stalling progress. Trump preaches about bipartisanship but seems to lack the ability to follow through, usually shooting himself in the foot before any progress can solidify.

America needs leaders and legislators who are not afraid of the party hard-liners and who are willing to compromise and express moderate views. Our own Sen. Joe Donnelly is a fantastic example of how members of Congress should operate – reaching across the aisle, compromising and getting things done for all Americans to ensure that the political system can be preserved.


Fort Wayne

The Martian example?

I am grateful to see the Curiosity rover's Martian discoveries juxtaposed with the report that the White House has withdrawn support of its choice to head the Council on Environmental Quality, Harnett White, who refuses to accept scientific proof of humans' responsibility for global warming. Curiosity's evaluation of Martian soil reveals that the desolate place “was once a beautiful planet of rivers and lakes.”  If White's attitude prevails, might future Curiosity rovers from another planet discover Earth has undergone a similar regression?

Shirley Glade

North Manchester