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Thursday, March 14, 2019 1:00 am


A battle for the ages rages at our library

The other day I was bemoaning with a friend, both of us on the twilight side of our years. Of course, it was the same conversation heard through the halls of time though purgative enough as we raged on about the injustice of most things. Why is it that as soon as we grow to love something, it is snatched away and replaced with something silly and always more expensive? What happened to our music? And the lovely colors in the clothes we buy? And the radio/TV programs that brought a measure of redemption to our days? When did the news stop being new?

Of course, my friend and I do aggravate the situation by not addressing the showdown of our times. We would rather bemoan – and just grow older.

And yet Kathi Weiss' letter on our library books (March 5) is a worthy showdown, and I stand with her. Are we going to just sigh and let our books go the way of all things? Do we not appreciate the feel and the smell of our very foundation? Do we really want to throw Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn in the trash? Will we simply allow our children to never wrestle with a book report again?

As much as my soul agonizes before this familiar threat, can't we linger just a little longer on this battlefield before technology swallows us?

Dorothy Powell

Fort Wayne

Niece of deceased grateful for respect for processions

I had two aunts pass away this winter. I want to express my appreciation to those vehicle drivers who stopped alongside the road and those workers who stood and bowed their heads as we passed by. As a member of the funeral procession, it was heartwarming and I want to thank you.

Diane Olwin

Payne, Ohio

Cancer patients have help for intimacy issues

I was pleased to read the Washington Post article “Breast cancer also affects sexual intimacy” in The Journal Gazette on March 4. The article adeptly described the difficulties many people with cancer – not just breast cancer – experience.

For 75 years, Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana's mission has been to improve the quality of life of people touched by cancer. We recognize sexual intimacy and health are critical components of quality of life.

We also know this is a delicate area, and it can be hard to ask for help. People facing these challenges need good information and guidance from a qualified expert in a safe environment.

Our agency has excellent resources to help, including Denise Glasser, a client advocate at Cancer Services, who has a certificate in sexual health counseling from the University of Michigan. We offer support, education and the tools needed to help people regain intimacy for themselves and for their partnerships.

Marsha Haffner

Clinical director, Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana

Fort Wayne

Investigations of Trump waste of time, money

I would like to assist Democrats in Congress in their pursuit of President Trump's criminal background. In third grade I saw him call a kid in the next row a poopy-head.

Now, how about they start earning their $174,000 a year and work on something Americans really care about ... say, fixing the Do Not Call list? Their waste of time and money evokes memories of 1964, when the FBI spent months investigating the lyrics of “Louie, Louie.”

Bruce Cynar