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Saturday, June 15, 2019 1:00 am


Dental clinic had plenty of local support

On May 16, more than 100 volunteers met at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum and converted Expo Hall III into a 100-chair, fully functional dental clinic. Then on May 17 and 18, more than 100 dentists, plus more than 800 volunteers – including dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental lab technicians, nurses, doctors and general volunteers – provided care and treatment for nearly 1,100 patients. More than $900,000 worth of free dental care was provided to those in need with no questions asked.

This was the third time the Indiana Dental Association Foundation for Dental Health sponsored the Indiana Mission of Mercy free dental clinic. In 2015 and 2017, the clinic was at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Dr. Todd Briscoe was the chairperson for the 2017 clinic. The IDA Foundation asked him to chair it again in 2019. His one condition was that they bring the opportunity for free care to those in need in northeast Indiana. The IDA agreed. Dr. Tom Blake agreed to be Dr. Briscoe's co-chair for the 2019 Indiana Mission of Mercy.

With the help of WANE-TV, WPTA-TV, Adams Radio Group, Redeemer Radio, WAJI-FM, WLDE-FM and Fort Wayne Citilink, the information was shared with the citizens of the area. Many food banks, social agencies, school nurses and churches also shared information with their clients.

All of the lead persons are grateful for their support and their donated air time. Support was also provided by several local companies and foundations.

Mary H. Briscoe

Community awareness & promotions lead

Contemporary irony

Did anyone else find the irony in the TV news stories covering the June 6 anniversary of the Normandy invasion? First, there were interviews of surviving veterans of that horrific time – mere boys who ran toward certain death out of loyalty and obedience to the orders given. Those willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our ultimate good.

It was followed by an interview with a man complaining about the possibility of a price increase of his favorite avocados with the possibility of tariffs being imposed.

Tammy Byerley

Columbia City

Wayne Day debate highlights need for unity

I applaud recent pleas for communication to resume on the Anthony Wayne Day decision. Most of all, I am wondering what the function of the History Center is. Why has it not stepped up to solve this failure to communicate?  Why does such a day have to mean the shaming of either side or their descendants?

On April 26, The Journal Gazette printed an oped under the headline “Historical fiction.” Steven Warren, a history professor in Iowa, opined that such a day would mean that we believe “the natives were violent savages and British pawns, while the white men taking over their lands were paragons of virtue.” Such rhetoric only serves to inflame each side.

Temporal awareness is something we should all seek. Can't we just recognize that Fort Wayne exists because of the bravery and self-sacrifice of our ancestors?

The emphasis should be on honoring great men from each side, uniting current residents and learning from one another. The name of the day should reflect the unity that is needed.

Diane Jones

Fort Wayne