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Thursday, July 11, 2019 1:00 am


Mayor needs to feel sting of missed pickups

May Red River be the death of the Henry administration.

The Haverhill area had its garbage pickup changed to Friday. On a recent weekend like many others, our garbage was not picked up on Friday, nor on Saturday.

Logic would have it that missed pickups would be first on the list for Monday, but no – as of 4:30 there was no garbage pickup. Flies and maggots are all around and over the garbage cans.

This has to end. City workers picking up the garbage will not work either. I think any missed garbage should be left at the mayor's home.

Keith Butts

Fort Wayne

Acceptance of gays a Christian principle

I used to be intolerant of the gay lifestyle, buying into the Christian fundamentalist dogma that classifies homosexuality as sinful. However, I spent 34 years in the San Francisco Bay area. Ironically, I spent my first two years there as a missionary for the Latter Day Saints, then I made that area my home. Living there broadened my perspective on living a spiritual life.

Living in an area of diversity on many levels, I became acquainted with a number of gay men and lesbians and grew to realize they are not that much different than anyone else, having a need to love and be loved. That familiarity provoked some questions I'd like to pose.

If homosexuality were a lifestyle of choice, would anyone capable of rational thought choose a manner of sexual expression that would subject oneself to ridicule, discrimination, bullying, physical injury and even death, if heterosexuality were a choice?

Secondly, I don't recall choosing the gender to which I was attracted. All I remember is when I hit puberty (and perhaps even before then) discovering I was attracted to girls. I've talked to a number of people about how they came to determine their gender preference and received the same answer.

This fear of reaping the vengeance and punishment of a God created with some negative personality traits inherent in humans (namely, vengeful, angry and jealous) is absurd and counter to the true Christian principles of loving your neighbor as yourself, as well as being tolerant and forgiving. Homosexuality, as well as heterosexuality, isn't taught. No one can “catch” it like some disease. In the scheme of things, “wires get crossed” and the gender of the psyche in about 10% of the population doesn't correspond with their physical gender. Perhaps what would be in our better interest is to focus on how we can be more tolerant and loving of those we view as different and treat others as they would like to be treated.

Duane S. Thompson

Fort Wayne

Census ruling leaves reader 'sadly ashamed'

In my opinion we are on the wrong side of the slippery slope. And this country may not be able to stop the slide.

Quoting a July 3 article: “Opponents of the citizenship question said it would discourage participation by immigrants and residents who are in the country illegally, resulting in inaccurate figures for a count that determines the distribution of some $675 billion in federal spending and how many congressional districts each state gets.”

Any person here illegally is neither an immigrant nor a resident. They are an illegal alien and should not be subsidized by tax dollars or have representation in Congress. I have had the pleasure and good fortune to visit many foreign countries but never felt I should be provided anything for free or counted as a resident or be exempt from that country's laws.

I am sadly ashamed of our Supreme Court's decision.

James Schmelzer

Fort Wayne

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