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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 1:00 am


One busy driver

The morning of Aug. 29, I was stopped at the traffic light on Parnell Avenue and East Coliseum Boulevard. A man driving a pickup truck pulled up behind me.

He was talking on a phone, smoking a cigarette, drinking a cup of something and driving. All at the same time.

Talk about multi-tasking! Scary.

Judith Schroff


Buttigieg has qualities we need in next leader

All the Indiana residents who complain about the weather or various other things about our state are under no obligation to stay here.

Those who look at us as a “flyover” state, a bunch of corn-fed rubes or whatever judgments they may hold are wrong. There are a multitude of talented and intelligent people here. Musicians, artists, scientists, tradespeople and every other type of laborer – the very salt of the earth. Not only that, Hoosier Hospitality is real.

Our unpredictable weather makes us hearty. Our traditional values anchor us deeply in the firmament of the United States and its Constitution. We do not all agree, but we are strong and capable.

I have maintained my status as an independent since I was old enough to vote, but this time I will vote for Pete Buttigieg in the Democratic primary next May. Here are seven reasons why:

1. He is extremely intelligent, articulate, and informed on the issues.

2. He speaks several foreign languages, which will help him with foreign policy.

3. He understands the military from the inside, having personally signed the blank check that that service requires.

4. He has administrative experience.

5. He is levelheaded, fair-minded and does not lose his cool under pressure.

6. His status as a member of an historically disenfranchised minority will attract young people to the polls, people who heretofore have not bothered to vote.

7. He is a centrist Democrat, and I believe that's what the country needs now. Every one of the other Democratic candidates is unelectable because of their extreme positions or blatant ineptitude.

I am driving a stake in the ground to support Mayor Pete Buttigieg as the next president of the United States, and I put my money where my mouth is with a $100 donation to his campaign.

Randall Lee Romero


Relocated Old Fort would be a natural fit

Although I am no longer a resident of Fort Wayne, having moved to Kendallville in 1949 from our home on Dodge Avenue, I still keep in touch with what is happening in my birth city via The Journal Gazette. The Aug. 29 letter from Tom Smith, member of the City Riverfront Advisory Committee, raised some positive points in support of relocating the Old Fort to a much more accessible location in the new Headwaters Junction area.

Years ago, I managed to find a place to park then hiked to the Old Fort to have a look at it. I would no longer attempt to do that.

Having the Old Fort moved across from Science Central would be a natural fit, and the addition of a closed, or open, arch bridge across Clinton Street would be an awesome feature. It would also seem to be a very supportive move that would benefit the dedicated group of enacters who have kept this historical structure alive and well.

It would be great to hear what other Fort Wayne residents think about Smith's suggestion.

Ray Scott


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