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Saturday, November 02, 2019 1:00 am


Democrats sore losers

Ever since the Democrats lost the election, all they have been doing is fighting our president when they should be working together for our country instead of splitting it. I'll never vote for a Democrat again.

Louis C. Krock Sr.


Behind-the-scenes deal could rescue Republicans

Republican members of Congress must know that Donald Trump is the human equivalent of the Titanic. He's going down and taking associates with him – possibly including some members of Congress. It's puzzling that congressional Republicans don't realize they have absolute power over Trump. In one fell swoop, they could take back the party, restore decency and integrity to its members, and rebuild America's credibility. This is how it could happen.

Mitch McConnell would have a secret meeting with Nancy Pelosi in which he would request she immediately include Vice President Mike Pence in the impeachment inquiry and any resultant articles of impeachment. He would inform her he has a sufficient number of Republican senators to convict Trump and possibly Pence (this would have to be true, of course – but I'm sure he already knows), and that if the House forwards such articles to the Senate, he could guarantee conviction (all the time assuring Trump and Pence they have nothing to worry about). He would tell Pelosi that if it leaks out, the deal will fail, he will deny everything, and Republicans will take their chances at the ballot box.

An expedited Senate trial would take place with a vote scheduled. At the commencement of that vote, McConnell would already be in a private meeting with Trump and Pence in which he announces that the Senate is going to convict. He would tell Trump he must resign immediately or suffer the consequences, including that he and Pence may be convicted simultaneously; this would make Nancy Pelosi president. If Trump resigns, Pence should immediately be taken aside and be told that if he pardons Trump, he will also be impeached, and that he must immediately appoint the new vice president already chosen by the Senate. McConnell would be in constant contact with the Senate to convey the appropriate vote instructions. If McConnell is worried about Trump supporters, he has to know they will have nowhere to go. 

Congressional Republicans could start acting like a co-equal branch of government or chance losing everything.

Thomas A. Heckman

(former Fort Wayne resident)

Stuart, Florida

Argument without merit

I am writing in response to Mark Simmons' Oct. 10 letter, ironically headlined “Law is undermined.”

Simmons first queries whether “anyone has bothered to read the full text of the Sixth Amendment?” He then goes on to argue that the applicable federal “whistleblower” statute involved in the Trump/Ukraine impeachment scandal is unconstitutional because it confers both anonymity and immunity from cross-examination in violation of the Constitution and its Sixth Amendment. He even takes this argument one step further by asserting, without any factual or legal support, that “[p]ermitting hearsay as the unchallenged basis for an accusation is an even greater breach of that document and the values it represents.”

These arguments can be defeated quickly, even without reading the “full text” of the Sixth Amendment. In fact, I can do so in four words. The Sixth Amendment begins, “In all criminal prosecutions...” An impeachment is not a criminal prosecution. Likewise, the whistleblower's complaint is not a criminal prosecution. Simmons' arguments have no merit.

Kerry M. Hultquist

Fort Wayne


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