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Monday, November 04, 2019 1:00 am


Gone to the dogs, but still they love us

The expression “this country is going to the dogs” can be interpreted literally, as well as figuratively. It seems a day doesn't go by without local and national news reporting instances of heroic deeds performed by dogs – rescues, improbable survival, lost dogs traveling long distances to return home. Service dogs are honored for the dedicated service they supply to their charges, and family pets are shown deterring criminal and animal invasions of the household.

Locally, a ceremonial burial was conducted for a canine who was killed while on duty. Owners shower their pets with gifts as tokens of their affection. It's hard to beat a wagging tail and a nuzzle upon returning home from even the shortest absence.

There are some owners who even fancy the notion that when they pass through the pearly gates, their dog will be there to greet them.

That extreme elements were able to capture the Republican Party and win the nomination for an unprincipled candidate; that the Democratic Party chose a candidate who abandoned previously held ideals of compassion and community to secure the nomination; that a disgruntled electorate chose the worse of the two evils tells us that our political system is broken, and I contend that our country has gone to the dogs because civil society, though it may cluck its tongue at the president's behavior, takes a devilish delight in his sophomoric tweets, his blustering threats and his audacious lies.

As a society, we have lost our moral compass. Thank goodness there are dogs who seemingly think we have some good in us.

Chester Baran

Fort Wayne

Kindness appreciated

We would like to thank the people who bought our breakfast at Rich's in New Haven on Oct. 18. The effects of random acts are long-lasting. We smile every time we remember the kindness. The random act has been passed on.

Linda Gorrell


Banks' reaction to raid was tailored to Trump

In reading The Journal Gazetteon Oct. 28, I came across an article on Page 4A. Rep. Jim Banks is quoted as saying that the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was “even bigger” than when Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. Banks was no doubt playing to an audience of one.

I don't recall Baghdadi ever killing thousands of Americans on American soil as bin Laden did. He was a monster who surely got what he deserved, as bin Laden did.

I also noticed that other representatives from our area had the good sense not to say such a ridiculous thing.

I'm glad to see that when Banks was done extolling the president, he did have the good sense to praise the military for carrying out the raid. But there was no mention of specific praise for the intelligence people who no doubt played a critical role in the operation.

It is a true testament to their patriotism that they are still doing their jobs well despite all the demoralizing treatment from the president they have endured over the past several years.

David Williams



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