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Tuesday, November 05, 2019 1:00 am


Phone cameras distract from joy of performance

The citizens of Fort Wayne are blessed to have a top-tier concert venue in The Clyde. I, like many others, enjoyed Heather Headley's beautiful voice.

However, I couldn't help be taken out of the moment by the incredible number of flashes and lights popping up around me. This has quickly become one of my biggest pet peeves when at any kind of performance: cellphone camera flash. It's unbelievably distracting to performers onstage, and equally distracting to patrons.

Your cellphone flash won't help you get a good picture of someone onstage. Please learn how to turn it off before going to a concert you intend to capture. If you don't know how, ask someone. You are being disrespectful to your fellow audience members and, most importantly, the performer.

Chrissy Weadick

Fort Wayne

City should formalize recognition of veterans

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day.

I request that the mayor dedicate Nov. 11 each year as Allen County Veterans Day, thereby allowing representatives of all Allen County veterans' organizations to participate in an 11 a.m. service at Memorial Park.

Memorial Park is dedicated to Allen County civilians who left their families and jobs to enter military service in World War I and gave their ultimate sacrifice during that war.

Other citizens also left their families and jobs to enter military service in World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War, not to mention the insurgencies in Kosovo and Somalia.

This would show the city's appreciation for those citizens families who have lost family members during these wars.

John D. Hannigan

Fort Wayne

American Legion Post 296, DAV Chapter 40, Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 1

Marching bands deserve greater TV exposure

I will admit I am not a great lover of football. However, I used to watch football games to see the marching bands' halftime shows. To my disappointment, they have not shown these for some time.

As a former member for eight years and a drum major of a marching band, I know from experience the time and work required of these band members and their directors to perfect and perform the halftime shows. This is true of high school and college bands. I feel, and I know many others agree with me, it is disappointing for the halftime of a football game to come, and their talent and efforts not be shown on TV. All we hear and see is more sports talk and a recap of the game that has been played.

Marching band is an important part of many young people's lives, both in high school and college. The work they put in to perfecting their performances requires hours and hours of practice. It also requires talent, work and patience, not only from the directors, but often the help of parents or outsiders to complete such performances.

I feel, along with many others, that the halftime performances of these many bands should be shown again on television. I think it is a slap in the face, so to speak, to cut them out. These band members have the right for their halftime performances to be viewed.

Being a member of a marching band teaches these people many valuable things. It teaches them coordination, musical ability, twirling of batons, rifles and flags, dedication, and the importance of discipline. Believe me, there are no wimps in a marching band. So, please, reward these bands by allowing them to show their wonderful halftime shows on television.

Jan Tuttle

Fort Wayne

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