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Monday, November 11, 2019 1:00 am


Today's the day we roll out the red carpet

Let us roll out the red carpet today for our veterans in the city, state and all over the country. If anybody deserves this special treatment, it is our dedicated heroes who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

We, as individuals, organizations and business owners, must show our appreciation and respect by providing nice gestures – a free service, a meal – and helping the disabled veteran with their needs. On this special day, let's fill the air with “thank you for your service” to every veteran we meet.

This day hits home to me because six of my brothers served this country in the armed forces. Two served in World War II, one was in the Air Force and served in the Vietnam War, one in the Marines served in the Korean War. He was wounded twice and received two Purple Hearts. Another one served in the Army and the other in the Navy.

We live in a great country, and it has not been without the sacrifice and the many lives given by our fighting warriors, the veterans.

Let's not forget the ones who gave the ultimate price, their lives, for us. Let's attend memorials, veterans' parades and church to pay tribute to our true patriots. Start rolling that red carpet out!

Rosa A. Gerra

Fort Wayne

All are welcome for veterans' salute

I was somewhat stunned reading John D. Hannigan's letter (Nov. 5) about the Veterans (Armistice) Day service at Memorial Park. Even without a dedication from the mayor, all veterans' organizations and all veterans are welcome to attend the service at about 10:30 a.m. at Memorial Park. The program concludes at 11 a.m. with the rifle volley and Taps. Hopefully, more than the usual couple of dozen will be in attendance today.

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Carol Scher-Doswell

Fort Wayne

Care mismanagement requires total overhaul

Regarding the high cost of health care:

1) I have attended several lavish dinner presentations put on by pharmaceutical sales reps for doctors and other health care professionals. They spare no expense in the effort to push their latest pills. (I no longer accept invitations to those events.)

2) I have read several “scientific” studies conducted by pharmaceutical companies under the guise of “continuing education” for family-practice physicians. They were blatantly skewed toward their own products and away from any of the other effective alternative therapies that are readily available. These are required reading for physicians.

3) Our Justice Department looked the other way during the proliferation of the opioid crisis. A few people became uber-rich while facilitating the deaths of nearly 50,000 people (nearly as many as the number of soldiers we lost in Vietnam).

In sum, we are at the mercy of a vast, corrupt and very powerful system run by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and the elected officials they pay to do their bidding.

“Medicare for All” is one of the false flags now being waved by some to distract us. What we need to do instead is get Big Pharma and Big Insurance out of government, hold them accountable, regulate them and reduce the cost of health care so everyone can afford it.

I would go further to say that, unlike property and automobile accident insurance, every one of us needs health care throughout our lives, making it immoral for insurance to be involved in the first place. Giving more power to our pathologically corrupt government and making more people subserviently dependent upon it is not the answer.

Randy Romero


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