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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 1:00 am


Addition of meters ruins helpful downtown spaces

Earlier this year, 17 on-street parking spaces were added on the west side of Clay Street between East Main Street and East Washington Boulevard.

I thought this was a really good idea, as did several other people who parked there on a daily basis. Many workdays, I spend a few hours downtown, and these spaces work perfectly for me. They are within a few blocks of where I need to be and give me a little bit of exercise each day. Most of the parking spaces are used regularly, making the area look a bit more active and vibrant.

That is, until a few weeks ago, when parking meters were added. Now, for the most part, the street is deserted. I don't expect free parking everywhere, but a little research and observation by the city would have found there is rarely a car parked at the meters in the block of East Berry Street between Lafayette and Clay streets. Adding meters on Clay Street made the new spaces essentially useless during the work day.

What a waste of a good idea.

Jill Downs

Fort Wayne

FWCS should give teachers day off for Day of Action

As a parent of three children in FWCS, I 100% support giving our teachers a professional development day to go to the Nov. 19 Day of Action. The letter that was sent to our teachers by their superintendent telling them that the district would remain open, but teachers could use personal days, speaks volumes to me.

If we don't join the 40-plus other districts in our state and close our schools and encourage our teachers to stand up with a collective voice, we are missing a huge opportunity.

I would gladly have my children go to school for one more day in June so that our teachers could stand up for their rights as educators and the rights of their students. Enough is enough! Class size is overwhelming; laws are being made on behalf of our children by people who have zero experience in education; our teachers are being forced to teach our kids to be test takers; our kids are taking tests that are quite frankly jokes (i.e., the new ILEARN results); and our teachers are some of the most poorly paid in the country.

Maybe not all of them would go, but I bet a whole lot more of them would go if they knew that their district and their families supported them by giving them a professional development day. And what a message it would send our Statehouse to see the two largest districts in the state represented there in numbers.

Even more importantly, what kind of lesson would this teach our kids? That our voices matter and that the collective voice can move mountains. Our kids deserve this. Our teachers deserve this. And our communities deserve this.

Melissa Cormany

Fort Wayne

Candidates' engagement with students promising

Thank you very much for Dave Gong's Oct. 29 article on New Tech Academy's discussion with Fort Wayne's mayoral candidates. Both Tom Henry and Tim Smith deserve credit for attending the event during this very busy time of the campaign season, and New Tech's teachers, such as Bob Haddad, are to be commended for investing time and effort into an exercise to help develop the next generation's political spirit.

Most of all, kudos to the senior class students who delved into critical topics such as drug use and mental health. The future is in good hands.

David G. Schuster

Fort Wayne

A frightening trend?

Wow. Trick-or-treating postponed due to inclement weather? We can only hope and pray that this turn of events does not signal the triumph of the “participation trophy” crowd!

Hal Atkinson


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