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Thursday, November 14, 2019 1:00 am


Government-sanctioned clock shifting unneeded

Daylight saving time is a fine example of the public relying on government to legislate solutions to even simple issues. Most issues can be better resolved independent of government.

Each time the clocks are moved, arguments are renewed about the benefits and dangers of this act. Relying on the government to solve all the issues with one act will always be impossible. Instead, if the time is left alone and we adjust schedules for each issue, we could all be happy. Time is relative; it is not going to fix any problem regardless of what time it is.

It's a fact that there is less daylight in the winter. No matter what time the clock says it is, the days are shorter. If kids are going to school in the dark, the school system can adjust the start time. If you want more after work daylight, adjust work schedules.

By relying on government to set clocks, we have degenerated to a nation of complainers instead of taking initiative to solve our problems. America was a land of freedom and independence. As we rely more and more on government, we will lose this identity.

Bob Beyer

Fort Wayne

Indiana would be better off in Central Time Zone

On Nov. 2 on the front page of The Journal Gazette was an article regarding ending daylight saving time. In Indiana, with our geographical location, the real issue is which time zone we should be in. Without question, Indiana should be in the Central Time Zone with Chicago and Illinois.

Under the world's division into 24 time periods, the eastern line for Central time would be located in the middle of Ohio. Having the time zone change in the middle of Ohio would be awkward, so the common-sense solution would be the Ohio-Indiana line.

Only because Mitch Daniels forced Indiana into the Eastern Time Zone is our state in such a poor position. Every day of the year, Indiana is on improper time, with an extra hour of darkness in the morning to give us an extra hour of light in the evening.

It needs to be pointed out that when the three children were killed on Indiana 25 near Rochester on a pitch-black morning last October, it would have been an hour later and daylight had we been on Central time. I fully believe the state is most responsible for the deaths of these three children.

I want Indiana to show that we realize that darkness is a great danger to our children when they are going to school. This is not the only time our children have been harmed because of darkness.

Indiana must be put back into the Central Time Zone. Then and only then do we need to worry about changing our time back and forth. Please help to return Indiana to Central time by letting your Indiana representative and senator know that we care for all our children.

Larry Rensberger


Train-racers endanger New Haven neighbors

If you live in New Haven, you're resigned to the fact that you're going to be stopped by a train. However, some people think they can beat the train, and that is putting others in danger.

Living in a neighborhood with trains, we have learned that if you hear a train whistle, look out, because people are going to speed down our street to beat the train at the next crossing. If you are one of those people, keep in mind that you are driving through a residential neighborhood with children and pets. Can you really live with yourself if you happen to hit somebody's child or pet because you were in a hurry? Food for thought.

Kevin Workman

New Haven

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