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Thursday, April 02, 2020 1:00 am


Separate standards

I suspect that if our president and members of Congress had the same health care as regular Americans, they would fix the problems in health care in our country today.

Bill Cross

Fort Wayne

Only voters can end Trump's ruinous ways

Under his Trumpublican administration, Donald Trump started destroying the country as soon as he took office: dismantling the FBI one agent at a time; taking Vladimir Putin's word over our intelligence agencies; inviting the Russians into the Oval Office not once, but twice, and revealing classified information.

Trump campaigned to Make America Great Again; the only thing he's made great is his pocketbook. He promises everything, delivers nothing and blames everyone else. Trump has failed to deliver on one of his biggest campaign promises to drain the swamp. Instead, his administration has filled the swamp with former lobbyists, corporate executives and megadonors. Trump has stacked the federal system with unqualified lifetime appointees and judges who protect corporations, not people.

Trump and his supporters like to boast he's donating his $400,000 annual salary. It sounds great, but his golfing has cost taxpayers more than $115 million, equal to 287 years of presidential salary. Trump is spending our tax dollars like it's his personal fun dollars. If you're disenchanted with Trump's spending of your hard-earned tax dollars, you should realize your taxes are saving Trump's golf courses from becoming another of his bankruptcies.

We should all want a president who chooses his words wisely and conducts himself as befitting the office. He makes his decisions based on whatever Fox News is pushing. Trump's ego is so great he can't help himself. He can't get out of the way in this virus crisis and let health care professionals do their job without having to suck up to him. Voters voted for change, but not the change they got — and this election gives voters a chance to correct that mistake.

Betty Allan

Fort Wayne

People, not companies, need economic breaks

I woke on March 23 to the news that a $1 trillion relief bill had doubled and the Fed wants open-ended, no-interest money for business. This will need to be paid back.

Rep. Jim Banks has the mistaken belief that corporate folks have lately spent great sums of money building factories, wages and training. The truth is that corporations have spent the vast majority of their money on stock buybacks while borrowing $10 trillion. Their share of total tax revenue paid has dropped from 33% to 10%. Boeing, Exxon and GoldmanSachs are examples of corporations with zero-tax years.

For every dollar Plumber Patty and Factory Fred saved in the last trillion-dollar relief cut, businesses and rich folks got 36. Any largesse needs to support the average American, not corporate interest.

Don Shown

Fort Wayne

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