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Friday, April 03, 2020 1:00 am

Letters to the editor

Heed medical pros' advice on COVID-19

We in Allen County have benefited many ways over by having Dr. Deborah McMahan as a caring and knowledgeable health commissioner, looking out for what is best for our community.

It is unfortunate that people continue to commit selfish acts that ultimately affect more than themselves and unfortunately can endanger our community as a whole (i.e., church services/gatherings).

It is a greater shame that two of our City Council members, Jason Arp and Paul Ensley, along with state Reps. Christopher Judy (District 83), Bob Morris (District 85) and Christy Stutzman (District 49) challenged her, along with Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill and Rep. Jim Banks, R-3rd, and have not given her the support necessary to protect our community.

I see no MD or DO behind their names.

Those who do not support our physicians, nurses, EMTs, police, firefighters and all other ancillary care providers during the COVID-19 virus are holding the smoking gun. 

Leslie Wilson

Fort Wayne

Umi setting example more should follow

Please, please, let's all give a shout-out and hallelujah to Brian Bauer and the work they are doing at Umi.

In packaging and getting great, healthy food out to our community, he has my vote for person of the year.

We need more good news like this.

Way to go, Mr. Bauer. I salute you daily!

Thom Albright

 Fort Wayne

Indianapolis model for city to follow

During times like these, I find it so disturbing that Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in the state and has done nothing to assist those who are sick and shut in.

I live in Indianapolis, and all of our communities are working together to make sure those who are in need receive the assistance they need.

We are going to the store, our food services are delivering with the assistance of volunteers.

We are banding together to help us get through this.

It's so sad the mayor and city officials are not doing more during such critical times.

I will pray for the unity of your city.

Joy Gardner


Reliable information in short supply

Hurrah for the local officials and governors of the United States.

The federal government's response to the coronavirus has been anemic at best. First the mindless happy talk, then the terrible Oval Office address that showed zero empathy for the citizens of the United States and the world.

The president and his speechwriters expressed no solidarity with the people of the United States and the world who are scared and suffering.

Thank you to all the information givers and truth tellers and to the officials who step up and do their jobs.

Rita Knowles


Journalism essential amid pandemic

I live in the Elkhart/Goshen area and follow Niki Kelly to get real reporting on the state government response in Indianapolis to the COVID-19 virus.

I am so thankful for her and for The Journal Gazette's editorial support of her efforts. I truly believe she is one of the few (maybe even the only) serious reporter of state government matters and her work is probably saving lives.

Aaron Coates


GOP's lax ways have us in crisis

When Donald Trump first spoke publicly about the coronavirus, he cited his standard lies, claiming it was a hoax. He blamed the “fake news media” and, of course, the “do-nothing Democrats.”

Asked whether he was taking responsibility for this crisis, he said no because he had nothing to do with it. However, Trump (who never had anything to do with the “booming” economy) has been taking credit for what Barack Obama was and still is responsible for.

Trump has been telling the American people to judge his three years in office by the stock market and their 401(k). I think a better and more accurate measure was on display recently of the empty shelves of toilet paper.

Jim Banks claims China is to blame for this virus and the world must hold Chinese officials accountable.

Banks, Todd Young and Mike Braun should also be held accountable for their refusing to hold Trump accountable in the impeachment trial. 

Banks also cites our national debt of around $23.5 trillion. Trump has made it clear he can say whatever he wants and do whatever he wants because he is president. So why hasn't he paid down or paid off our national debt? One of Trump's campaign promises was he was going to pay down or pay off our national debt. Promise made, promise unkept.

For those who might want to write, the mailing address is simple. Include their name. Have it sent to The Swamp, Washington, D.C. ZIP Code 00000. The ZIP code reflects all the great things the Republicans are doing for our country.

Curtis J. Ransom


Racism claims show irrational thinking

There has been a lot of to-do regarding President Trump's labeling of the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” and calling him racist for doing so. ABC News, USA Today, the Guardian, the Nation and the Washington Post, among other news outlets, jumped on the controversy.

But most of the reports left something out — just how common and innocuous geographic names are for diseases. Here are a few: Zika virus (a forest), Guinea worm (a country), Japanese encephalitis (a country), West Nile virus (a river), German measles (a country), Spanish flu (a country), Ebola (a river), Marburg virus (a German city), Lassa fever (a Nigerian town) and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (take a guess).

The official news agencies of China are now telling their people it is an American disease introduced by members of the U.S. Army who visited Wuhan in October. This unfounded accusation is being parroted by the Russian and Iranian news agencies.

Calling an accurate term such as the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” racist simply plays into the hands of dictatorial propagandists who are calling it an “American virus.” There are enough rumors and lies about the illness. Knee-jerk reactions and epithets, such as insulting those of Asian heritage, automatically using the term “racist” when it doesn't apply, and other name-calling is simply uncalled for.

It's time to stop reacting emotionally and start calmly thinking.

Dana White

Fort Wayne

Cooperation needed among hospitals

I may be severely lacking in logistics, but just as the mercy ship in the river in New York City is for patients needing surgeries safe from exposure to COVID-19, why can't area hospitals work together to designate a place for surgeries, or perhaps utilize college dorms and hotel rooms for those with the virus?

Susan Shannon


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