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Saturday, April 04, 2020 1:00 am


The wisdom of Trump's China trade stance

Amid all of the panic buying of products, I can say I have not gotten into that.

I don't enjoy going to the grocery store, much less when things are like they are now.

Recently, all I wanted was a container of hand sanitizer to give me some protection from the virus that originated in China. After going to four stores, I was able to obtain a very small amount.

After arriving home, I saw that it was made in, of all places, China. It would appear this country can take us to our knees without firing the first shot.

While I didn't vote for the president (or Hillary Clinton), perhaps he was correct in dealing with them on trade.

Dan Hudson

Fort Wayne

Making a difference by just reaching out

Who are you kidding, you say. You estimate you could fill a page, listing the reasons you're not capable of making a difference to anyone.

You're living in a senior residence. Most of the people you've known now live elsewhere in similar settings or they're pushing up daisies. Almost 90, you're not expected to make a difference to anyone. You're retired! You have little touch with anybody but other very old people.

I tried using those excuses when we first moved into our apartment. But we soon began to realize we could still keep in touch with most of our friends and engage in many of the programs and groups in which we'd been involved.

But ask yourself a few questions. Can you still write messages in cursive script -- that someone else can read? Can you hunt-and-peck a message on a computer, yours or someone else's? Do you still use a telephone, Facebook or some other vehicle for messaging? Are you still sufficiently mobile to occasionally visit a nearby friend?

If you can answer any of these queries affirmatively, I'm asserting that you're fully equipped to make a real difference to someone -- today. There are any number of someones who'd treasure outreach from you today.

Don't take my word on this. Contact three friends, acquaintances, church members or longtime coworkers today. Find out whether they're as bad off as you, how their grandkids are doing and what troubles they're protesting these days. I'm guaranteeing at least two of those you reach will immediately convey their keen appreciation of your making time and effort to reach out. And at least one will respond, later, in some way expressing how very much your contact meant to them.

There, you can make a difference!

Francis Frellick

Fort Wayne

Hoosier pride swelling with COVID-19 response

During this unprecedented time, I want to say how proud I am of Gov. Eric Holcomb and Mayor Tom Henry in leading us in a calm and logical manner.

I realize there are many individuals working with them and making the decisions during this crisis, but for the most part these two men are the ones we see, hear and hold accountable.

As they both have thanked the first responders, doctors, nurses, medical staff, business owners and all the folks who are making masks, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer and the list goes on, I too thank them and everyone who is doing their part to help in this crisis.

Never before have I been more proud to say I am a Hoosier.

Julia Snyder

Fort Wayne

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