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Thursday, September 23, 2021 1:00 am


Banks no longer focused on constituents' needs

I see where our esteemed congressman, Jim Banks, has signed on to the Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's letter calling for all entities in communications not to comply with a duly authorized committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack. This is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and/or laws on the books. 

Why is Banks turning his back on his constituents and on the oath he took to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America? Is it because he feels it will help him become more important in what used to be the Republican (now Trump) Party? His trips to kiss the ring on Donald Trump's finger are, to say the least, pathetic. When did Banks last hold any informative meeting for us in the 3rd District? I for one cannot remember.

He continues to believe the big lie that Joe Biden stole the election when numerous court cases have proven otherwise. Wasn't he one of those who were escorted out of their session by the Capitol Police to protect them from the insurrection mob? His actions so far seem to suggest that the Jan. 6 assault was not an insurrection, just a protest.

I will not be voting for Banks in the next election. I prefer to vote for a person who will serve his or her constituents and work to improve the lives of us back in the 3rd District. Banks needs to go.

Jim Furos

Fort Wayne

Korea veteran salutes fellow diner's generosity

In 1950, I had the honor of joining the U.S. Marine Corps.

As an infantryman, I had the privilege of defending our country by serving 13 months in Korea.

In 2015, I had the privilege of going on an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

I received a cap that says “Korea veteran” on it.

On Sept. 6, while having breakfast with a friend and wearing that cap, the waitress picked up our tab and said a lady was paying your bill. This happened at the Liberty Diner.

God bless you, ma'am. May your generosity be returned tenfold to you.

James J. Grames

Fort Wayne

Sloppy customers slowing Red River's progress

While driving on one of our residential streets, I was angered by the way the neighborhood garbage cans had been prepared for Red River pickup the next day.

Mess after mess after mess!

It is no wonder Red River gets behind when people are so thoughtless.

Red River is a garbage pickup service, not a garbage rearranger.

Wake up, Fort Wayne. Red River needs our support, not our continual criticism.

Schuster Knipstein

Fort Wayne

Yellow light pledge could save a life

At 9:37 a.m. on Sept. 10, I was waiting to turn left from Wallen Road onto Coldwater Road. When my turn arrow was green, I didn't immediately pull forward and in just that moment a semitruck ran the Coldwater Road red light. If I had pulled forward, I doubt I would be writing this letter.

The sad part is I am guilty of trying to beat the yellow caution light many times. Sad to think I can't spare 60 whole seconds to sit at the light and wait my turn to go. So I pledge to you, Fort Wayne and every other place, that if I see the light turn yellow and I can apply the brakes to stop before I enter the intersection, I will do so.

If you are guilty of trying to beat the yellow light or running the red light, maybe you would/could join me in this pledge.

Carol Garcia

Fort Wayne

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