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Wednesday, October 13, 2021 1:00 am


IU needs higher profile on joint campus

I commend Ashley Sloboda's Oct. 3 article on the lack of visibility of the local Indiana University campus. Purdue has now had its celebration of its taking over most of the campus, and it is now time to take down the Purdue coverings to those very nice brick-and-stone entrance signs at the three main entrances to the campus. Those coverings hide the names of both universities and the fact that both are on this campus.

Donald D. Doxsee

Fort Wayne

Drive-through-only eateries discriminatory

Businesses used to hang signs that read, “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” Today, they should hang signs that read, “No car, no service.”

Businesses that temporarily closed in-person dining and only provide service by drive-throughs discriminate against people without vehicles. Some people can't afford a car and all the costs associated with it; there is no auto insurance available to them; they are under the legal age to drive; they suffer from a medical condition or have a disability.

Businesses can't blame COVID-19. Although during the height of the pandemic businesses did close in-person dining, most have reopened. But some chains are temporarily only operating their drive-throughs and others operating both in-person dining and drive-throughs.

Businesses can't blame staffing problems because of wage shortages. Businesses can pay employees more, including hiring bonuses and providing better benefits. Businesses have just gotten used to paying employees low wages and cutting benefits.

When businesses apply for business licenses and building permits from local governments, they have to disclose how they are going to provide their services to customers. If a business held itself out as providing both in-person dining and drive-through services, it should have to reapply to get permission to change its business operations, even if the change is only temporarily. This would allow the local government to track the operations of the business.

The solution is simple: If a business has to close either its drive-through or in-person dining, it should close its drive-through; that way everyone can be a customer and not just people with access to an automobile.

David Placher

Fort Wayne

Readers spoke once: Keep 'Diamond Lil'

Evidently, Kathleen Kearns (Letters, Oct. 7) hasn't read The Journal Gazette for too many years. Several years ago, another person did not like the “Diamond Lil” cartoon and the JG removed it. After several days (perhaps a few weeks), it was restored because of the huge uproar from readers like me. It is my favorite cartoon, and I am 78! Please do not even reconsider removing this. 


Fort Wayne 

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