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Thursday, October 14, 2021 1:00 am


'Herd immunity' has terrible implications

A front-page article on Oct. 7 related the intensive care unit experience of Indiana Sen. Dennis Kruse as a result of contracting COVID-19. I would like to express relief that Kruse is in recovery from this terrible disease and wish him and his wife well. That being said, his refusal to vaccinate and his advocacy of “natural herd immunity” are more than troubling.

Without a vaccine, to achieve natural herd immunity would require something like 70% of Indiana's population to come down with COVID, or about 4.75 million Hoosiers (this is a lowball estimate because of the delta variant). Since the case-fatality rate of COVID is about 1.61%, this would mean around 76,000 deaths, nearly five times the current total of 16,000.

In addition to these needless deaths, those who recover endure suffering, financial setbacks and possible long-haul complications. If a more deadly variant emerges while we dither, the results might become worse.

Does Kruse really want this?

We all want to get back to some degree of normal life in work, school, group gatherings and commerce. The most effective path is for everyone to exercise civic responsibility and get vaccinated with an effective, safe and free vaccine. Why continue to waste health care resources, which the rest of us end up paying for through higher insurance premiums or taxes? Why burden our loved ones with the consequences of our preventable illness or death? Why?

Mark Temte

Fort Wayne

Stance disheartening in wake of COVID fight

Having just read about state Sen. Dennis Kruse's 10-day ICU battle against COVID, it was disheartening to read that he will continue his opposition to the vaccine.

Does the senator think anything at all of the hospital staff who worked around the clock to keep him alive during these 10 days in the intensive care unit? Does the senator think anything at all of the massive hospital bill that will be dumped on the backs of taxpayers via Medicare? Did other people receive inferior treatment while the senator was parked in an ICU bed for 10 days?

Statistically, this all probably would have been avoided had he gotten vaccinated instead of trying to prove some point.

Bill Burkhart

Fort Wayne

Many more options

Going through several aisles of over-the-counter medications brings back memories of when “over-the-counter” medications were Bayer aspirin, Tums (for the tummy), ChapStick and Preparation H.

Billie Johnson

Fort Wayne

Fellow attendee disputes Banks fundraiser claims

I'm writing in response to a Sept. 28 column in The Journal Gazette by Tammari Ingalls, “No good ideas.”

Ingalls says she attended a fundraiser hosted by Congressman Jim Banks and proceeds to attribute claims supposedly made by Banks in regard to redistricting. I attended this event, along with many of my friends. When we read this account, we were astounded at the claims.

It is most concerning that a piece of this nature can be printed in what was once a respected newspaper with no verification.

Rick Michael


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