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Thursday, January 13, 2022 1:00 am


Shoddy trash handling reflects ineffectiveness

Another day of no trash pickup, and ironically it was our scheduled day. Mayor Tom Henry's comments that most Fort Wayne residents are having their trash picked up was quite insulting; I see on the Nextdoor app that many other people are not getting theirs picked up either.

Henry mentioned that Red River was not equipped for our city, which has so many alleys. I would think that as with anyone hiring someone to do a job, there should be hard questions to see whether they are capable of doing that job.

What does he expect us to do with all the trash? He is failing in my eyes as mayor of the city. If he truly cared about the residents, he would come up with solutions for the trash now.

Here are a few ideas:

1) Put 311 employees in pickup trucks to go gather the trash themselves (some are quite rude).

2) Get other city employees to start getting the trash cleaned up.

3) Give us a Dumpster to take our trash to so we don't have it lying all over the neighborhood, then credit us on our utility bills for having to do a job the city was responsible for.

4) Hire another trash collector now to get the mess cleaned up.

5) Start a new department for just trash collecting and don't rely on unstable outside sources.

6) Delegate this problem to someone who has solutions instead of excuses.

This promotes vermin. Do you want that at your homes? I don't.

Did Henry forget that his job is to take care of the interest of Fort Wayne residents? 

Donielle Lefever

Fort Wayne

Mixed messaging impedes progress against COVID

While reading the Jan. 1 Metro section, I couldn't help but have a couple of “well, duh” moments.

“County again breaks case record” explains that the Allen County Department of Health reported the previous day's record of 636 new COVID-19 cases was surpassed with 651 new cases. The health department issued a statement that the number of new cases is concerning. The article went on to report that the department stated  this “is again a reminder of the importance of preventive measures ... .”

My second moment came when I looked at the article directly below. “Kids ring in 2022 early at fitness center event” included a photo. The photo shows children and adults tightly packed together batting around balloons. As near as I can see, there is only one individual wearing a mask and physical distancing is not being practiced. 

I do not wish to get on a soapbox and shout about wearing masks, physical distancing or vaccines. The discussion regarding those topics has been covered ad nauseum. I personally view the suggested preventive COVID-19 measures the same way I view wearing a seat belt while driving. Wearing a seat belt does not guarantee you won't be severely injured; likewise, the vaccine is not a guarantee but a nice “seat belt.”

We should be careful what kind of message we are sending to the public in general and our children specifically. Well, duh.

Jeffrey L. Hess

Fort Wayne

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