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Friday, January 14, 2022 1:00 am


Kilwins' courtesy helps ensure future success

I want to express great appreciation to the owner of a new business downtown. Kilwins at the Bradley Hotel will be a success, I'm sure.

My wife and I, and some friends were downtown recently, and thought to try out the new business. We did not realize the time, or the regular closing time of Kilwins, and we were there after closing time. The owner saw us outside, invited us in and was very gracious and happy to accommodate us. This is the kind of service people appreciate, and I know it will pay off for Kilwins. Our compliments and best wishes go to them.

Larry Brubaker

Fort Wayne

Eventful trip ends with kindness at home

The new year has already given reasons to be grateful and have faith in our fellow man.

I want to send a huge thank you to the staff of the Jiffy Lube on West Jefferson who on the Sunday of New Year's weekend helped get me safely home. Returning from a solo road trip, I hit trouble in rural eastern Tennessee as a piece of sled-sized plastic let lose underneath my car – a scary happenstance on a winding road in a rain storm. At a gas station in West Virginia, a stranger helped with duct tape and rope, which lasted until Pineville, Kentucky, where a local repair auto shop used zip ties to keep me going. Onward on the journey until Marysville, Ohio, when that all fell apart.

Still unable to remove the piece, but now with it dragging noisily as I drove, I made my way to Fort Wayne. On a Sunday very little was open, but I pulled into this Jiffy Lube. The staff heard me coming, by then making a horrific noise. They tried so many tools, but that plastic was holding on by one bolt for dear life. Finally, they got it off with a hedge clipper.

They wanted no payment for their effort; they just wanted to help me get home safely. Which they did.

I am grateful for all the help I got on this journey. We can show kindness to others every day in large and small ways.

Jennifer Root

Fort Wayne

Kroger employees impress with tireless work ethic

I'd like to give a big shoutout to the employees of the Kroger on St. Joe Center Road.

During the Christmas season I had the pleasure of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign, so I had many hours of observing the hard work put in by the Kroger employees, especially the guys/gals who took care of the carts. The need for carts to be brought into the store seemed never-ending. As soon as a big load of them was brought inside, they were gone, and the employee was back out bringing them back in.

I'm sure this job is not highly desirable, but those assigned to it did it without complaint and just kept at it until it was time for their break. Kudos for their work ethic!

Terri Bruner

Fort Wayne

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