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Saturday, January 15, 2022 1:00 am


Lawmaker survey doesn't reflect constituent views

The survey Rep. Jackie Walorski emailed to constituents asking what issues we want Congress to prioritize was incredibly frustrating. Only one issue she listed is a high priority to me.

So, I'm left checking “Other,” but with no way to fill in what those “other” priorities are. What message does that send? That she doesn't really care what matters to me unless my priorities match hers. That is not what authentic, representative democracy looks like.

What are the critical issues Congress should work on?

Priority 1: Protect American democracy! That includes doing everything possible to make it easy to vote for every single American citizen. I'm beyond outraged that Walorski's party is blocking every effort to protect the right of all to vote and instead is aggressively pursuing just the opposite. It's profoundly unpatriotic.

Protecting democracy also includes ensuring that an insurrection against the constitutionally established proceedings of Congress can never again happen, and that any elected official who encourages, aids, abets, condones, facilitates and/or fails to act cannot remain in office or fail to be held accountable.

Priority 2: See Congress get on board with science, trust experts and unify around combating this pandemic instead of condoning and abetting misinformation and division. Millions of people trust all sorts of people with all sorts of opinions about what they should do or not do in response to this threat instead of trusting people with actual expertise. Congress needs to provide leadership in trusting experts, not opinion-spewers.

I know Walorski does not agree with me on many issues. Still, it is her job to represent me. At the very least, she should make it clear she really does want to hear what all her constituents think is important, not just those who walk in lockstep with her.

Nancy A. Cripe

North Manchester

Library undeserving of 'big tax grab'

So the people who run our library want to spend 100 million taxpayer dollars for new buildings and other renovations. These are the same people who, pre-pandemic, had utter contempt for those questioning the removal of books from the system. They are the same folks who closed the system down and sheltered for most of 2020 after the pandemic began, while drawing their weekly pay. Now their sights are set on a big tax grab to fund a wish list of pet projects. I guess If the library cabal was looking to by a new car, it would be a glitzy Tesla with all the options. They should buy a Chevy instead.

James Burnham


Post-Trump cleanup costs go far beyond money

Wonder what the monetary and time cost for the Jan. 6 committee, the impeachment panels and the endless lawsuits to claim a “stolen” election will be?

All this to clean up after a hand-clapping national embarrassment masquerading as president for four years.

These are not the sorts of things our elected officials were sent to Washington to spend their time dealing with.

Taxpayers should keep this in mind when voting in any future elections.

Tom Booth

Fort Wayne

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