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Thursday, May 12, 2022 1:00 am


Religious influence on law must be brought to end

If men had to go through endless vomiting, be probed and painfully bleed for a week once a month for decades, then abortion would be about the woman. This is about making women feel guilt. Whether a woman has children or not, we still have empathy. That should not be used to shame.

An abortion is needed when the fetus has just enough brain stem to make the heart beat. An abortion is the cleansing of the uterus after a miscarriage. Abortions are not an attack on God. If Roe v. Wade is overturned because of the beliefs of the “Christian” right, there is no reason not to believe other rights are next. 

This is a call for Hoosiers to be more Ukrainian right now. Stand up for the women in your lives.

Just as important, there is a man involved. What role does banning abortion put him in? There is no mention of that role, yet women pay the price. If a miscarriage is considered an abortion is the father liable or just the mother?

Under the division of abortion fueled by religion, it will always be a women's issue and not the medical procedure it is. Moderate Hoosiers must unite against this invasion of the very privacy we have been told is sacred.

Where there is a Republican who can be challenged, vote to defeat their religious way of governing. If it can be proven any church supports this issue politically, that church, by law, should be stripped of its tax-exempt status.

It is time to put God back into his church and hearts. Belief is not a reason to legislate what is medically necessary. Churches serve, religion demands or else. Or else what?

Be faithful, not religious. Churches serve no purpose in the Statehouse.

Joyce Bentz


Who's the true bully?

I saw a headline in a news feed that Justice Clarence Thomas said the Supreme Court can't be “bullied” into making its decisions.

We are currently looking at six unelected people who have lifetime appointments who are about to make a ruling that goes against the position of at least 70% of the American people.

Just exactly who is bullying whom?

Jan Eshleman

Fort Wayne

Hypocritical GOP fosters, laments low turnout

The primary election was marred by a voter turnout of 13%. This is tragic and indicates growing voter apathy. These numbers also indicate something else.

For the past few years, the Republican Party has engaged in a nationwide effort to limit voting in one way or another all over the country. Arcane laws such as criminalizing anyone who gives a person in a voting line a drink of water are finally being enforced. Limiting the number of polling places is un-American. Gerrymandering is effectively making a vote unnecessary.

Steve Shine, the local Republican chairman, lamented the turnout figure, calling it a tragedy. The efforts of his party are the cause of this problem.

I suggest we try to return to a time when voting meant something. Perhaps make Election Day a holiday and remove some of the restrictions on early voting and voting by mail. Maybe returning the process to the people would help increase participation.

It is clear that throttling the election process is unproductive.

Edward J. Frank

Fort Wayne

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