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Friday, May 13, 2022 1:00 am


Parking fee inhibits voters' access

What happened to the right to vote freely?

My voting location this year for the primary was at the Rousseau Centre downtown. I went to that location to vote at 3 p.m. April 29. I was appalled and very upset because I had to pay for parking to vote. This is simply ridiculous.

In my opinion, paying for parking to vote is unacceptable to the voting process. I am sure many people declined to vote because they did not want to pay a parking fee to vote.

So what is the answer? My strong suggestion is for the Rousseau Centre to leave the all the parking gates up so people can freely vote.

Kip Bacon

Fort Wayne

St. Joe 'alumni' will always have memories

With completion of the new Lutheran Downtown Hospital, the demolition of the St. Joseph Hospital building has begun, ending a more than 150-year era. The Journal Gazette editorial board is to be complimented for publishing writings from several individuals describing cherished memories of what St. Joe meant to them and their families and the community at large over the years (“Building a legacy,” May 1).

As one who accumulated a many-decades-long association with the hospital – starting with my birth there in 1935 – I also celebrate its pioneering presence and long-enduring mission. If walls could speak, those stories of hopes and fears, and blood, sweat and tears (either for sorrow or joy), would fill mega-volumes.

For a special occasion quite some time ago, St. Joe gifted those born there with a T-shirt inscribed with: “Made in Heaven; Born at St. Joe!” Pleased as we are for the new facility, perhaps some of you like me will continue to wear that T around the house every now and then.

Bill Clark

Fort Wayne

Needed legislation fools woke mob, 'groomers'

It worked. They knew it would fool the gullible, and it worked.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed for a bill prohibiting teachers of children through grade three from discussing gender identity. He thinks those children should be learning their shapes, the hazards of eating paste and all the letters of the alphabet, not just L's and B's and G's, etc.

What right-thinking person wants agenda-driven “groomers” influencing those who still believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy and storks delivering babies?

Since every opportunity to stir the pot is a good opportunity, the woke mob created a non-issue and labeled the bill as anti-gay. Who would fall for that? Many, including the emotion-driven, fact-deprived such as Cathy Lee (Letters, May 6), who fell for the charge that DeSantis was against the 70-some gays she mentioned (or is it “they” mentioned?).

The Disney CEO stepped into the trap as well.

By showing his hand to please a few woke employees, Disney CEO tarnished his brand and brought to life the unfair status of his park with tax breaks and special exemptions to Florida laws.

Lies have been elevated to disinformation, which is now worthy of government regulation. Lee is a poster person for misinformation.

Randall F. Rusk Sr.

Fort Wayne

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