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Saturday, May 14, 2022 1:00 am


FWCS continues daily in nation's noble vision

Every year across this country, a wonderful thing occurs quietly. K-12 public school-aged children receive another year of education. Dedicated teachers, staff members and administrators contribute to a cause that is both noteworthy and noble.

Horace Mann and other common school reformers had a vision in the 19th century. Diverse children from different backgrounds, religious denominations, social classes, native languages and so on would assemble in the same building for a universal purpose. Not only would knowledge be imparted to them by trained professionals, but they would learn to respect one another and be contributing members to their respective communities as a consequence of their educational experience.

I am heartened by the local example of Fort Wayne Community Schools, in particular. This urban public school district manages to maintain racial balance across its schools and promote diversity while providing a quality education to the students enrolled. This commitment by a dedicated corps of educators to the common school ideal is a constant reminder that there are many positive things that routinely occur on a daily basis, but have deep historical roots and a great deal of foresight.

Brian L. Fife

Fort Wayne

Garbage deal prompts question on rates

I'm confused. The Journal Gazette reported on April 27 that the new GFL contract rate will cost the city $10.75 per month and, per household, that would reflect an $8 monthly increase on a typical resident's City Utilities solid waste bill, bringing the bill to $20 from $12. Does this mean the Red River contract cost the city only $2.75 per month?

Don Lindley

Fort Wayne

Republican overreach threatens our freedoms

What exactly are Republicans so afraid of today? The party that constantly preaches against government overreach seems to want to do nothing but overreach and control every aspect of our lives.

They wish to ban books written on subjects they disagree with and control what is taught in our classrooms. Republicans want to prevent transgender youth from participating in sports on the teams with whose gender they identify. They want to make it as difficult as possible for Americans of color to vote, and they certainly do not want any more minorities to cross our borders. Republicans deeply desire the power to control a woman's decisions over her body and life.

It seems to me they want to control our lives as free American citizens and take away our right to make our own decisions about how we live our lives as guaranteed by the Constitution. We need to stop this constant grab for more power if we indeed hope to remain a free country.

Michele Morris

Fort Wayne

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