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Monday, May 16, 2022 1:00 am


HOA pluses, minuses must be weighed

In response to Robert Olsen's letter about HOA dues and liens (May 8), it's a bill, like any other bill. You agreed to it when you chose to live in a community that provides amenities that need to be paid for collectively. When you do not pay your share, your neighbors' dues pay for the services you receive. What other recourse does the HOA have but a lien when some residents do not pay their share? A lien and release cost $50 to record; you'll need to reimburse the HOA for that as well.

Rather than fiddling around on the Nextdoor chat, has Olsen attended an HOA meeting? Has he offered to participate, get involved? If you don't like the board's handling of funds, you can object, but doing that on an internet chat is not going to bring results. Go to a meeting. Run for an office, activate your voice in the proper venue. It's your community. Find out what the “reserve fund” is reserved for. And vote.

The letter says “20-plus families have fled”; it's more likely they moved on to another addition that also has HOA dues rather than out of fear of Caribe Colony's HOA board. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages in being an HOA member; greater homeowner participation determines how this balances out.

Kitty Morrissy

Fort Wayne

Distrust in politicians has become epidemic

Bruce and Kari Cynar's letter on student loans (May 6) was excellent writing with an even better closing.

Buying votes has become a sickness in this country. They should bring back the TV program “Who Do You Trust?,” and the participants should all be politicians.

Mike Keller

Fort Wayne

Ukrainian leader must come here

I am of the opinion that the many European leaders and U.S. officials (including first lady Jill Biden) traveling to the Ukrainian war zone for what are essentially photo ops could be equated to flying a red flag before a bull, the bull of course being Vladimir Putin.

The May 9 Victory Day celebration may serve to embolden this madman. It would be tragic if Putin decided to trample the above-mentioned red flags by shooting down a plane. Is any photo op worth continuing to take that risk?

Surely we've sent enough money to Ukraine for their president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, to board a plane and come to the United States. Of course the number of questionable, some would say idiotic, decisions coming from that quarter (Oval Office) have been many of late.

Arnetta Barnett

Fort Wayne

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