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Tuesday, May 17, 2022 1:00 am


Steuben arts event an encouraging beginning

The Steuben Arts Scene, a recently established nonprofit organization, celebrated its first major event, The Scene's Spring Art Show at Red Barn Acres in Fremont, April 22-24th. The event was the organization's introduction to northeast Indiana and an opportunity to bring in nationally known and local artists. The event attracted photographers, painters, ceramists and mixed media artists from three states. The event was a profitable success for the artists and exceeded the expectations of the Arts Scene.

Many people were responsible for the smooth execution of details. Rebecca Chambers of the Red Barn Acres; Trine University's Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Theta and Gamma Phi Epsilon; harpist Emily Wilhelm; Sutton's Deli; Satek Winery; TLA Signs; the Regional Artists Guild; and our friends and patrons for the arts are just a few who contributed and for whom we are grateful.

The Steuben County Tourism Bureau, Fremont County Fund through the Steuben County Community Foundation, and private parties were financial contributors that enabled the event to be one that the community can be proud to host.

The Steuben Arts Scene's vision is to build on local talent and cultural assets by providing artistic opportunities through exhibits, classes, lectures and special events. The Scene is a hub for resources to bring established and aspiring artists together in an environment equipped to support creativity. Its purpose is to inspire, nurture and enrich our community members' lives through the arts. More events and art classes are in the planning stages. Information can be found at or on the Steuben Arts Scene Facebook page.

Thank you to our artists for their participation and to our community for supporting this first of many events.

Victoria (Vicki) Thompson

for the board of the Steuben Arts Scene


Flag, anthem disrespect becoming commonplace

I took my wife to a local sports bar to watch the Kentucky Derby. Prior to the race, the national anthem was sung. Not one person other than I stood up and put their hand or cap over their heart and stood at attention. Can you believe that? What have we become?

A lot of men and women have died protecting that flag. To show disrespect is just plain disgraceful. As children, we were taught in school to honor our flag and national anthem. What's happened to our sense of respect and in a lot of cases duty?

I must be old fashioned and do my best to respect our flag and our national anthem. As a veteran, I still find myself starting to salute the flag instead of just putting my hand over my heart. I immediately remove my hat and hold it over my heart and stand at attention during the playing. What's wrong with stopping for a couple of minutes to listen to the playing? I'm sure you are not missing anything important by doing so.

Jim Furos

Fort Wayne

Columnist's faith inspiration to us all

I enjoyed the April 14 article written by Patti Hagadorn about her experience with her daughter, Jamie. What a frightening thing to go through as a family.

The perseverance and strength of Jamie's family gave her the strength to restore health and peace.

The beauty of God's grace and the power of God's gift to us of the Eucharist bring joy and beauty to the human hope. What gifts God has blessed us with!

I recently saw Mark Wahlberg's movie “Father Stu” and the same love and grace of God is evident.

Thank you to Hagadorn for sharing her story, and thank you to The Journal Gazette for printing it.

Karen Deemer

Edgerton, Ohio

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