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Monday, May 18, 2020 1:00 am

Daily goals help create sense of normalcy

Coaches Pep Talk

VICTORIA JACOBSEN | The Journal Gazette

I'm big on goals. We talk about goals in our program. And our daily goal is not to win a state championship. It may be to get better on defense or improve our ball-handling. While those things may seem little and menial, those are the same types of things we can latch onto in our daily lives right now.

Whether it be home improvement, self-improvement, improving grades, whatever that might be, I think those goals are good and make you feel better and give you a positive feeling each day.

Get out and get a routine. Get your shower, brush your teeth like it's a normal day, no matter how menial the task may have seemed three months ago. Get out and do something and accomplish something, especially as the weather gets nicer and that's easier to do.

I really just think having a positive routine that we all have in our normal lives, to establish that now is something that really helps and makes you feel good at night when you're ready to go to bed, that you've done something.

I've been really proud of our two returning captains, Nataley Armstrong and Morgan Ostrowski. We've had a group text going, and they've been sending out little messages: Morgan about an app that everyone could do something with, and Nataley's been sending out ball-handling workouts. Trying to keep each other's spirits up, having fun. Bailey Kelham is a big TikTok user. She made a bunch of TikToks for our Zoom meeting, and things like that. 

As a coach, you love to see your players step up. Players get tired of hearing the coach's voice all the time, and players like to hear from each other and bounce things off each other. For us, and for me particularly, it's been great. For those kids to step up and take ownership of the team, that will make us stronger when we come back, and any time you want your leaders to do that. It's not peer pressure in the wrong way, it's peer guidance to get busy and get out.

That's always important, and I think it works much better than a coach telling you to do something. 

Bob Lapadot is the Garrett girls basketball coach.

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