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Thursday, December 02, 2021 1:00 am

Pain of loss from COVID prompts daughter's plea

Sarah York

My dad just passed away. 

Logan C. York was an amazing man, but of course you'd expect me to say that, and I'll agree that I might be a bit biased.

Even at 87, his mind was sharp as a tack, and he was the life of our party. He had that unique gift of being able to strike up a conversation with anyone and, truthfully, I always was a bit envious of that.

The adage “he never met a stranger” fit my dad to a T. It did not matter how old or young you were, my dad loved talking to people.

So, if a tall, silver-haired gentleman with perfectly coiffed hair (I always knew to call and make sure Dad was up and had his hair brushed before going to visit) stopped to chat with you, then you probably met my dad.

Thank you to all the kind individuals who paused during their busy day and spared a minute or 10 – 10 if you got to hear a story and, boy, did he have some stories! I hope he brought a smile to your face because he enjoyed talking to you.

But now he's gone, and our family isn't the same. This is not really even my story because it belongs to so many other people in the world.

You see, my dad died from complications of COVID-19.  He had a couple of strikes against him when the pandemic started: a failing heart and kidney problems. But he soldiered on.

He and my mom got their COVID vaccines and flu shots. They wore masks and did everything they were supposed to do in this new world. But it wasn't enough.

So, on Thanksgiving Day, my mom, sisters and I sat in a hospital room with my dad. As they turned off his oxygen, we sat and held his hands, brushed his hair one last time and talked to him as we watched him struggle to breathe.

While we were with him physically, we were constrained by the protective gowns, gloves and masks you must wear while near a COVID patient. We sat with him until the end, but we were never able to touch him, and I can tell you that nothing can prepare you for that.

Dying from COVID is not an easy thing. The nurses and doctors (God bless them all) did everything they could to make sure he was sedated and felt minimal pain.

I'm not here to rant, lecture or point a finger in blame. I'm just here to ask that if you haven't gotten vaccinated to just take a moment to consider doing so. Even if you believe that it doesn't do any good for you, you might just do some good for someone else and their family.

I know it would have helped mine.


Sarah York is a Leo-Cedarville resident.

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