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Saturday, September 18, 2021 1:00 am


Independent voters feel frustration at ballot box

If any doubt remains that the GOP (Greedy Opportunistic Politicians) is out to become the sole party in all states, read about the REDMAP effort in Indiana, described on the Sept. 1 editorial page and at other times. No one seems to be paying much attention to these shenanigans.

Florida, Texas and other RED states are presenting all sorts of legislation to limit the ability of the average voter to do what the Constitution lists as a right.

If the GOP succeeds in stopping all these voters, this country will be under the thumb of an autocratic government that will do what it wants, expense be damned. Guess who will pay the bill? 

Our children, grand, great, great grand and likely longer. President Joe Biden's $3 trillion budget will seem like chump change by comparison.

Several years ago, in this paper, an article stated that the existing parties had the power, money, willingness and ability to slap down any start-up party that might arise. Job protection?

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power attracts the corruptible.

I strongly believe that I have done the right thing by dropping the Democratic or Republican labels since I have not liked the way either party has been going for several years, choosing instead to vote as an independent.

However, none of the voting machines have that option button.

Don Hicks

Fort Wayne

Movies sad reflection of our moral state

Producers strongly defend violence in movies by saying that their movies do not promote real violence; they simply reflect what is already in society. Either way, this is a sad reflection of who we are.

Of the 13 movies listed in The Journal Gazette recently, five were rated R; six were rated PG-13. Only one was rated PG and one was rated G.

In the R-rated movies, the following were listed many times: bloody horror, violence and language, sexual references, gruesome images, strong and bloody violence and drug use.

The PG-13 movies had much of the same: violence, violent action, crude suggestion, adventure violence, strong and bloody violence, drug material and racial exploitation.

In the PG movie: cartoon violence.

Perhaps, if people stopped attending these movies, producers would get the message and change their products. Unfortunately, these movies ultimately find their way to our televisions through cable and other means.

Gone are the days when families could attend the theater together. Where are the comedies and uplifting movies that promote healthy and moral values?

Hopefully, they are not gone forever.

Mary Kay Matasky

Fort Wayne

Red River response not equal across city

In the Sept. 9 newspaper, there was an article about Red River trash pickup. The article stated that customers whose trash was not picked up were usually resolved within a day or two. That is not true in my case.

Over the summer, I frequently was skipped on pickup day. My trash was picked up usually every other week. That was on the good end. At one point I went an entire month without my trash being collected.

I called each time and was told it would be picked up the next day; it never was.

Maybe it's because I live in a lower-income neighborhood. We all pay the same for sanitation pickup, but clearly there's a bias. It's bad enough that customers are treated this way; it's even worse to read lies from city officials.

Elizabeth Markley

Fort Wayne 

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